Monday, 16 September 2013


Ah, yes... another Monday rolls around and here I sit wondering to myself "Where the heck did the last seven days disappear to?".
Most important thing first: Baby (my little kitty) is doing very well and slowly recovering from her mystery (and very expensive) illness. This may be down to the fresh chicken and fish she's been having every day:)
I would love to blog more than once a week, but at the moment just can't seem to have the 'oomph' to do it. It's not because I'm too busy, haven't got the time, or have a dodgy computer (well, I DO have a dodgy computer, actually, lol), but simply because I don't want to. Sort of. The want is there, the will is not. I guess it's just sheer laziness. Thinking on this point, I realise that I am a VERY lazy person! I diet lazily - no hard work-outs for me (not that my health would allow it anyway!), and I'd rather say 'NO!' to a piece of cheese than have to work off the few calories it would add to my intake. Another confession... I am an obsessive calorie counter! I know it's not always a good thing, but once those numbers are in my head, they tend to stay there.
I did do something quite bad this week - I weighed myself mid-week. It was terrible! Not a single pound dropped... and that made me feel quite despondent. I'd been exercising gently every day and controlling my calories, and to see no results was awful. Still, I stuck to the plan for the rest of the week, and weighed myself today not really expecting much of a change. To my utter surprise (and delight), I had lost 5lbs :)
So... The weigh-in this week is: 14 stones and 9lbs (205 lbs) I'm actually doing this! I am succeeding!
My aim is to lose about 15lbs a month, and I know sometimes this won't be possible, and that the smaller I get the more difficult it will be to lose larger amounts of weight. However, I am still going to be positive...
I am on a happy-high... 5lbs!!! I have the biggest cheesiest grin on my face right now - and I am only 5lbs away from my next goal :)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


I was supposed to post this yesterday, but got sidetracked completely... my poor little kitty is very unwell, and Hubby and I had to rush her to the vets. A few injections and a check-up, and Hubby's wallet was £150 lighter... if only I could lose pounds so easily :)
Anyway... we're taking her back tomorrow for another check-up, and hopefully she'll be on the mend (and costing a lot less!).
So, I did manage to weigh myself yesterday, and it's good and bad news. Bad news is that I haven't lost as much as previous weeks, but the good news is that I lost 5lbs!
This takes me to a round 15 stone (210lbs). I know I need to be patient, and that losing weight slowly and steadily is best... but this diet malarkey is an old game for me - "been there and done that" so many times before... and to be honest, I don't think there's much difference in how you lose weight, as long as you choose a way that feels right for you. Losing 1 or 2 pounds a week would be torture for me, and I'd give up and go back to a less healthy and bad lifestyle. This way, I can see a difference and it spurs me on to keep heading towards my next goal.
Talking of goals, I thought I'd list mine so that they are there for a reminder for me, and when I reach each goal I'll have a massive feel-good feeling :)
1. Go from being 'morbidly obese' to 'obese' (achieved)
2. Reach 15 stone (210lbs) (achieved)
3. Get below 200lbs
4. Reach 13 stone (this is one of my hardest goals to attain)
5. Go from being 'obese' to 'overweight'
6. Reach 11 stone
7. Go from being 'overweight' to 'normal'
8. Reach a weight below 9 and a half stone (133lbs)
9. Maintain

There it is... at least a years' worth of hard work in 8 goals , and a lifetime after that of goal 9. BUT... I know I can do it :)

Monday, 2 September 2013


Good and bad news this week... My daughter and I have had a virus which takes away appetite and made us both very tired. I hate being ill, and this has made me feel as though I don't want to eat at all - not a healthy way to continue at all. So, that was the bad news, which is also part of the good news. I have lost 10 pounds - but I know that some of this is not down to dedication and hard work, but because I was ill. Still, I shouldn't complain at all, and be thankful I didn't have something that made me want to eat!
So, at 15 stones and 5 pounds (215lbs) I'm feeling quite positive :)

Friday, 30 August 2013

I Am Obese... YAY!!!

Yes, I am cheering because I am obese. NOT because I am proud of my weight... but because I am no longer in that terrifying category of "morbidly obese". I shall celebrate with a bit of housework, and a caramel snack-a-jack :)

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Getting There...

Well, I dyed my hair last night - back to a more natural colour for me - and have just taken a photo to send to my mum. Looking at the picture, I realise that I am getting there... I look quite similar, in face shape, to as I was this time last year - and I'm still a stone away from then too. I'm pleased with my progress... I am really 'getting there'. :)

A New Way To Exercise...

Nine weeks ago, one of our cats had a trio of kittens... all male! All three have found wonderful new forever-homes... but one is still (temporarily) living with us. I swear this little white kitten just knows that I'm on a diet and is trying to help in his own little (painful) way. Captain Snowcone (as the kitten is called - NOT my choice) has, in his short nine weeks of life so far, devised a brilliant exercise for me...
It starts with me waking up rather groggy after being kept up until 3am by Captain and Baby (his mummy, our cat) racing around and over the bed like lunatics on speed! As I tentatively ease my feet out of bed, the little b****r tries to grab my toes for brekkie! Getting out of bed used to be so easy... I just placed my feet out of bed and onto the floor, stood up and walked to the door... Not any more.
Now I have to endure the added weight of a kitten hanging on (with pin-like claws) to my pyjama bottoms until he falls off, followed by a weird dance (by me) called "don't step on the kitty whilst he's trying to nip your toes" as I walk towards the door. Now comes the real test... getting down the stairs. With Baby now fully awoken by my squeals of pain, I have TWO kittes to contend with. At the top of the stairs, Captain Snowcone will dart inbetween my ankles, whilst Baby lays fully on the stair I need to step down to. I have to side step to avoid Captain Snowcone, whilst softly nudging Baby with one foot to make her move down a stair, as well as try to keep my balance and not tread on any kitty. I used to take dancing lessons, and this routine is harder than trying to do the quickstep with a broken toe!
It's a matter of two steps down, then back up one stair, turn a little, do a shimmy and a little leg lift followed by a squeal and a little swearing. The whole process of getting down the stairs takes a god 2-3 minutes. However... I'm sure that the whole palaver is burning of many an unwanted calorie - bless those furry little critters :)
Oh... and don't even get me started on how I try to get back UP the stairs ... lol...

Monday, 26 August 2013


This seems so silly, but I had a kind of diet breakthrough that is so obvious...
Although I do find dieting very difficult (understatement of the decade!), what is harder in some ways is maintaining the goal weight when I reach it. I get to a point where I am so utterly terrified of putting weight back on that I still diet until I break... and that breaking point is when I suddenly stop caring about food as fuel and start eating normally. Bearing in mind that 'normal' for me has always been - eat until I'm almost sick and/or can't even get up, have whatever is in front of me, gorge, stuff, eat unneccessarily when not hungry, have at least five treats a day (a treat being 1000+ calories of fatty, sugary stodge), chocolate and crisps are one of my five-a-day.... see the problem? lol
I admit that I am an extreme dieter - which is why I can lose 4lbs a week with little or no exercise - but when I reach my goal weight this time, I am going on another diet. Yes... another diet. A maintaining diet. I know that at approximately 10 stone in weight (140 pounds) I need to eat round about 1500 calories a day to maintain that weight (with little or no exercise) and about 1200 calories to lose one pound a week.
So I am trying to memorise calories... and I always round it up to the nearest 50... and I'm getting pretty good at remembering all those numbers :) I want to get to the stage where it's natural for me to stop eating when I reach a certain amount of calories in a day... or if I go over, to even out the rest of the week so that I maintain my weight.
I cannot believe that I couldn't figure this easy and obvious strategy out before now. Of course... putting it to the test when I reach that magical 134 pounds will see how well this works out :)